Hello Ladies
We have a Red Hat chapter that meets in our park. We meet
twice a month, once in our club room and then once a month
we go out of the park. Sometimes more often. This is a few
of the things we are planning this winter. We have our
annual PJ Party. We dress up in our PJammies and of course
our heads are always adorned in our red hats and off we go
to IHop for breakfast and lots of fun.

We are planing a Senior Charity Prom. We also like going
caroling at the local Nursing Homes and going to the
Strawberry Festival. We also have Chinese Auctions.

This is just some of the things we do.

We are registered with The National Chapter Of Red Hat

We are the Space Coast Divas

               Come out and play with us.
              Bonnie Atkinson Queen Diva